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You’re here for a reason. You were probably complaining that you have a backlog of 15 sessions to blog about. But, that root canal is looking way less painful right now. 

Chances are you’re overwhelmed with the backlog at this point and that pressure is making this task feel impossible. Because it is impossible if you haven’t set yourself up for success. 

Blogging is just another form of telling the story you captured with your camera. But, you did one major thing wrong: You didn’t capture the details of the other story. And that is what is messing you up now. 

When you shoot a session, you usually have a shot list that will tell your clients’ stories. Blogging is like having a shot list in words. You need to take an inventory halfway through to be sure you’ve captured their stories. And it’s the same with blogging. 

Blogging is like having a shot list in words.

When you leave your session, you likely get into your car and spend the next 20 minutes to an hour driving. Those moments in the car are the most important part of blogging your session.

The key to not hating blogging is simple: Capture the story of the session immediately after you leave. 

Dictate every single detail you can remember about the clients, what they were wearing, how they smiled at each other, what they said to each other after everyone else disappeared. Just dump everything you remember into one big digital voice recording. 

This is step is so important, it should be added to your process list for every shoot going forward. The reason you hate blogging is because you usually don’t blog a session until months after it’s over, when you’ve shared the images with the client, and a sneak peek on your social media. You sit down at a blank screen thinking you will remember all of those details. 

Capture the memories of the day right after the session

The reality is that you can’t remember specifics from that session — or any session — anymore. This is the moment you start calling your dentist to book the root canal. 

Getting those details recorded takes away the scariest part of blogging. You have a baseline of information you can sketch from. That recording is your memory of the day. The writing part just became exponentially easier because the words and essence are already captured. 

Now, there might still be time to cancel the root canal.