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It’s no surprise that I’ve been dragging my feet on this blogpost. It’s also no surprise that it’s 11:00 pm as I start writing it. I do my best work later in the day, after spending time ruminating about the topic, cleaning my house or binge-watching some photography tutorials.

I hacked my system. You should, too. 

It took years for me to figure out that there is nothing wrong with this process. That the rest of the world has the wrong idea about creativity being something that can be on a normalized work schedule. 

When have you put blogging on your Monday morning, 9:00 am to-do list and actually managed to eke out more than three words? Kudos to you if you are that person! We’re not. And there’s nothing wrong with any of us. 

The key here isn’t to willfully procrastinate. It’s to figure out when you are the most able to produce prose or be your most creative in other pursuits.

We all have that optimal time that we fall into a creative groove with ease. 

Figure out that time. And forgive yourself for all of the important germinating time (procrastination by any other name…). Because without it, you’d be asleep at the keyboard without as much as a cohesive sentence written. 

Give yourself permission to procrastinate. Hack your system.