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Have you ever had a moment where words come out your mouth with such conviction, that they stop you dead in your own tracks? Just before Covid shut us down, I had one of those life-defining moments.

I’m quick to quantify myself when asked what I do using the words, “Equal parts writer and photographer.” I’ve always had dual careers that balance seamlessly in my brain. Or so I thought. 

“Which do you think you’re best at?” I was asked at a photography conference. The conference had invited me to run a series of roundtables about writing for photographers. It was an honour to give photographers some insight into how to blog better.

“I’m a better writer than I am a photographer, “ I quickly answered. No one had ever asked me that before. This is why it was a shock that I answered with steadfast conviction.

Better writer?

Lingering beneath those words was some undiscovered existential territory. Am I a better writer? Is that why I never feel my photography is any good?

Writing is something that just flows from my fingertips. It’s always just been there. It’s an innate talent. 

Photography is a beautiful complimentary talent. But it is not innate for me. I have to work at every shot. It’s my passion, but it’s not innate. 

That extraordinary revelation, plus the feedback I got from the roundtable attendees and conference organizers, got me to this place. 

Welcome to a new journey with my old revered talent.