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Your Pain Points

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re likely a creative person who is about to pull your hair out. All of the recent business advice you’ve gotten screams: Blog, SEO, new website!

Those are massive tasks if you’re not a writer, web designer, or social media expert. And you’re freaking out about that. 

Hiring someone to help is a wise investment in you and your business. It takes the fear out of your world and gives you more freedom to do what you do best: Create. 



Let’s get your blog backlog written so that you can dip back into the pool of potential clients who will see these blogs once your clients share them. These are like magazine articles to them. They will share the shit out of it. 

Website Identity

Your website is your calling card. It needs to reflect the real you, but also your best potential client. I can retool, revamp, and rewrite all of the copy to help elevate you to that next level client experience. 


You’re a budding writer, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to your own blogging and social media posts. I will walk through the entire process of writing, from information gathering to drafts (there will be many), to hitting the dreaded ‘publish’ button.

Hey it’s me!

Hello! I’m Zoë Gemelli. (That’s pronounced Gem-elle-ee. I am a Gem!) 

In January 2020, I hosted a roundtable on writing for photographers at the Friends of Fearless Conference in Austin, Texas. After jumping over a moment of imposter syndrome, it became clear that most photographers struggle with writing.

Equal parts writer and photographer, I have a unique understanding of what you need to relay with your blogs, website, and social media posts. I worked in the publishing industry in New York City and Boston for a decade. It’s been a dream for me to combine my two worlds. Telling stories with words and visuals.

I’m currently based in Toronto, Canada. Wanderlust is my compass. Coffee is life. Food is love. And my one-eyed pug Mojo is my shadow.


Photo by Christopher Cushman

Take My Word For It

Forgive Yourself for Procrastinating — We All Do It

It’s no surprise that I’ve been dragging my feet on this blogpost. It’s also no surprise that it’s 11:00 pm as I start writing it. I do my best work later in the day, after spending time ruminating about the topic, cleaning my house or binge-watching some photography...

When You HATE Blogging

You’re here for a reason. You were probably complaining that you have a backlog of 15 sessions to blog about. But, that root canal is looking way less painful right now.  Chances are you’re overwhelmed with the backlog at this point and that pressure is making this...

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you want to save your marriage, right?

 What it’s gonna cost you

Blogging and website copy are marketing expenses. They are also marriage savers, free-time guardians, and sleep promoters. Seriously, this investment is about getting your life back and looking at the costs as part of your business strategy. 

Whether you need one blog post written, want me as your personal blogger extraordinaire, or you want regular coaching sessions, I got you covered! 

One Post at a Time

For those frustrating moments when you have writer’s block.

1 post — $200 

Ongoing Blogging

Have me on your team. 

2 posts a month — $350 month

4 posts a month — $625 month


Website Copy

From top to bottom, all of your website copy.

$1,600 — $4,000


Writing Coaching

Personalized one-on-one writing coaching. 

$1,400 — $3,200

My Clients Are the best

Many people hire Zoë because she is a master of words, and there’s no denying that fact. But, Zoë is so much more than a writer. She’s a patient coach. She’s a committed artist. Most importantly, she’s the type of human who makes you see your own voice, and how uniquely beautiful it is. She helps you become a better version of yourself.  — Erika Mann

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My standards for writing can be paralyzingly high; it can always be better, more poignant, more descriptive, more succinct, more poetic. I paradoxically revel and wallow in this compulsive quest for arrangements of words that feel just right. I can sometimes get there, but not without a colossal effort; and then I overthink it into something that could be better or worse or just different. But by then I’m far too close to the work to know if it’s even any good at all. 

In the thralls of these writing adventures, I have a guiding light. Her name is Zoë. Zoë has talked me off more than a few literary ledges, pulled my sentences back from the brink of implosion, and coaxed my words into poetic harmony. Zoë sees into the heart and soul of what I’m trying to say, and arranges words that say it my way, only better… and faster (and without ellipses). — Lanny Mann

Erika & Lanny Mann
Two Mann Studios

Zoë is an absolute wordsmith. As a former language arts teacher, I felt that I had the zest and know-how to write engaging copy for my online course – but after I read Zoë’s words, I saw how wrong I was. Zoë is somehow able to distill down the exact message we wanted to convey by using language that was on-brand and engaging for our students.

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To say I was thoroughly impressed is an understatement. Thank you, Zoë!

Angie Nelson & Dave Moss
Business as an Adventure

When I shared with Zoë that I was paralyzed by writers block, there were no judgements and she knew exactly what to do to get things flowing again. Zoë has taken my big ideas and consolidated them so they flow naturally and effectively. Zoë connects with the heart of a story and pulls the reader in with a strong effortless tug.

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Creating new content, or freshening up what I already have, she can do it all. Working with zoe was the magic my business needed. I am moving forward more confident with Zoë on my team. Thank you Zoë for making me feel heard and your attention and care!

Mary Moore, Director
Real Life Conference

I love the written word. I often try to express myself with words but it doesn’t always come out the way that I am really feeling. I knew that when I was thinking of rebranding I had a lot to say and I needed help. I had been a big fan of Zoë’s ever since I met her. She instantly took such care with me. She was an instant supporter of the work I was trying to do and the vision that I had.

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I knew she would be a perfect fit to help me write the copy for my new website. It was such an easy flow of ideas and thoughts transformed into beautiful words. She makes the love I have for photography sound magical. She made the words that represent me the best possible version of myself.

There were often times that I just couldn’t stop smiling with excitement for how the website was coming together. She helped me work through each section and add the care and love that they needed. I’m so happy with the final result. I would one hundred times over recommend her for any writing you need. She is super awesome!

Sarah Jane Rabideau
Sarah Jane Photography


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